The Future Of Cell Phone Gambling

A recently published report by Informa Media & Telecom claims that cell phone gambling will grow to 7.5 billion us dollars till the year 2010, from its current market share of 1.2 billion. The largest market that enjoys mobile gambling today is Europe. Little known fact is that the thing that holds back cell phone gambling is not technology but legislation. Legislators fail to understand that mobile gambling technology will revolutionize the world of gambling to the better.

Today’s mobile technology can help monitor gambling addicts far more affectively. It is easier to cross-reference information between the gambling suppliers than to check it with land based casinos, bookies and gambling operators.Major technology leaps have made cell phones extremely hard to hack in any form. Meaning, cell phone gambling is as safe as land based casinos and even more.

Another true but misplaced concern of the legislator is the accessibility of the games to children. Though ones a real concern, today’s technology has turned this issue into a no-brainer – highly advanced password and verification systems made access to the casino games block to whoever is not authorized. Hopefully the campaign lead by gambling operators will convince the legislators that there is no reason to be afraid of the future.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

The past few months have certainly been a turbulent time for the online gaming industry with the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the U.S. on October 13th, 2006, a truly unlucky Friday the 13th for many.

As a result, there have been arrests and online gambling operations have also been minimized due to the lack of profits, major buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, which have really hit the online gaming sector hard.

Nonetheless, even with all the troubles, there is a glimmer of hope that the online gaming industry can hold on to. The question is: how can online gaming companies take advantage of it before they all perish?

An important study conducted by the European Commission in October of 2006 reflects the current state of the industry. Thankfully, the outlook has improved, indicating that there is much untapped potential in the industry. Furthermore, the gambling market accounts for about 3% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the European Union and is set to further increase as U.S. based gambling operators shift their attention toward the European Market.

Back in 2003, over $51 billion were generated via gambling activities (the lottery sector contributed about 45% and the betting sector about 17%). The European Mobile Gambling Market is set to take the mantle now in 2007.

Lee Richardson, the CEO of Chartwell, said that the current trend towards licensing activities in Italy will offer new opportunities for operators all over the world. Chartwell is also excited about taking part in these great possibilities.

The time for European on and offline gambling has come and the best way to experience it is by taking part in the ongoing growth yourself.

Progressive And Cantor Launch

Progressive Gaming International Corporation has signed a licensing agreement with Cantor Gaming for the development of a mobile gaming system.

Progressive Gaming International Corporation, the premier provider of content products and services in the gaming industry worldwide, will license the games on Cantor’s mobile gaming system in Nevada and other places where Cantor mobile gaming system is allowed worldwide.

The licensed games will include Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Another agreement is in the works for Progressive’s sports systems that will includes the Rapid Bet Live, a sports betting system.

With the expertise of Progressive Gaming International and Cantor Gaming in their specific areas, both companies are expected to implement new innovative sports betting propositions.

The sharing agreement on revenues for the mobile games has a period of twenty years worldwide which includes a five year exclusive contract in Nevada.

CEO Russ McMeekin, Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Gaming, had announced that they are excited about the partnership with Cantor Gaming.

Meanwhile, Joe Asher, Cantor Gaming Managing Director said that the partnership will further enhance the standing of Cantor Gaming in the mobile gaming world.

The mobile games are expected to be released worldwide including in Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and Palazzo Resort Casino in Nevada.

Protection From Cellphone Gambling Hazards

The growing modern cell phone gambling industry produces new hazards yet unfamiliar to the general public, one of them is Cell Phone radiation. This radiation is affecting our health but so far it’s unknown at what degree the effect is, and a growing public that is exposed for this hazard is mobile gamblers. They use their mobile phones more than others in average to enter and participate in cell phone gambling games and services.

The public should be aware of the risk they take as they gamble via their cell phones, but as for now no company has issued such warning, but even without a public statement gamblers can begin to protect themselves from the hazard of cell-phones radiation.

The first step you can take to protect yourself is to reduce your cell phone gambling’s session’s time. The less you use your mobile phones to gamble is less time you are exposed to radiation. Also, if you primarily use your cellular phone for gambling activities you should shut it down, that is because mobile phones send signals to their network every hour, and this signal’s duration time is three minutes. At this time your mobile phone transmits radiation, which can be avoided easily.

Another step you can do is to connect to your cell phone gambling services only in an urban area, where there is a high coverage rate of cellular antennas. The reason you should do so is that the further you are from a cellular antenna the more power your mobile phone needs in order to send a signal to it, the more power it used the more radiation is emitted from the device. Therefore, if you decide to use your mobile phone for betting via mobile-gambling services then do so in an area with high mobile coverage. Hopefully by taking the above actions you will reduce your exposure for radiation in the long run.

Progressive Gaming Will Launch

Mobile gambling company, Progressive Gaming International Corporation will unveil their newest products at the incoming Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas on November 14th to November 16th, 2006.

The company’s server base betting will be the center of all the attention which will both show wireless and stationary products. Their Rapid Bet Live gambling system will show its features like real-time, in-game betting via their mobile phones. Also, the Casino Link Game Station product of the company can also be viewed by the public which will show a centralized, client-server based gaming application that will reportedly cost less and can connect from mobile phones to traditional slot machines.

To cap it all off is the company’s World Series Poker Peer-to-Peer version of Texas Hold’em. The CEO of the Progressive Gaming International Corporation, Russ McMeekin said that with the recent passage of UIGEA, this will be a good alternative for players to play their favorite game to their heart’s content without even worrying that they are violating the law.

Another thing to watch out for is the Table ID partnership of the products which includes IGT and Shuffle Master. With a collection 5,000 table games that are currently operating in the first tier of the product, the main focus will be of the RFID Technology and the Game Reconciliation. Some of the features of the product are a full bet detection and payback reconciliation with the RFID Chip. The Shuffle Master Card will automatically read cards and decide the game’s outcome.

Another product, the Casinolink Enterprise Edition will show their gaming portfolio at the exhibition. It will also include the ability to manage every part of a casino gaming floor like player marketing, cage/vault, credit, table games and accounting.

The table product line of Progressive Gaming will be shown for the first time in the World Series Poker Progressive Texas Hold’em tournament which will further showcase the Casinolink Jackpot System.

Players can put in additional wagers with this system. The Progressive Baccarat Table Game will also be in full view which is fully designed for the Asian Market. The Progressive Gaming International Corporation will also host a tournament at their booth for casino players. The tournament will take place at the G2E on a daily basis until only the final table is left.

Progressive Gaming International Corporations

On October 31st, 2006, a world leader in diversified products and services for the gambling market, Progressive Gaming International Corporation (NASDAQ: PGIC), publicly announced that the Palms Hotel and Casino, which is the current host of the live wager field Trial for the Rapid Bet Live Wireless, has began receiving bets through mobile betting phones. An introductory event was held that day during the football game between the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings.

The Rapid Bet Live Wireless allows “live” betting during the actual event. It also gives the customers the opportunity to place their bets on their cellular devices from their own seat anywhere in the betting books and even at a pub.

The Rapid Bet Live Wireless in configured to up an extension of 125 feet from the betting booths for beta purposes. The system was developed last March of this year by a team of wireless and network engineers after the “wired” version was given the go signal.

The network then underwent rigid testing during the last five months by the Progressive Gaming International Corporation and the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Technology Division.

The trial could take about 30 days. According to Chief Executive Officer Russ McMeekin commented that this is the first of its kind that has been allowed to be tested for live wage trial in the state of Nevada.

The company is very pleased about launching their latest cellular phone sports betting in the wireless format at Palms. On the other hand, Jim Magner, the Product Manager for the Rapid Bet Live Wireless said that this is the next step in betting. In the long run, they are expecting the necessary safeguards for their customers to bet while outside the casinos using their cellular devices.